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Florida Personal Injury

When you get in a car accident, it is a time filled with a lot of stress. You are not sure what to do, or who to listen to. You may be in pain after the accident, but unsure if you should even file a personal injury claim.

You ask yourself, is it worth it? Will my claim be denied? Will I get the money I need to cover my medical bills? Is my insurance company telling me the truth, are they on my side?

The truth is, during this time there is one person who you can be sure is on your side, and that’s a personal injury attorney whose mission is to serve you. At Josh Jones Law, we take the charge to represent you seriously and will fight fiercely to get you the best results for your injuries.

Florida Injury Practice Areas

Line 1 Wrongful Death Line 1

Family members affected by a wrongful death accidents victims have legal rights. Our team is committed to protecting families...

Line 1 Brain Injuries Line 1

A brain injury is often catastrophic and victims may sometimes never fully recover. We work to protect those who have...

Line 1 Car Accidents Line 1

If you been hurt in a car accident, you need a lawyer whose practice focuses on personal injury and accident cases.

Line 1 Pedestrian AccidentsLine 1

Pedestrians are at greatest risk of serious injury and death. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorney can help you.

Line 1 Child Injuries Line 1

No matter how diligent we are in watching over them, all children will experience minor scrapes and bruises. But someone...

Line 1 More Injury Cases Line 1

We help injury victims with many different types of personal injury cases. Read more about our Personal Injury Practice Areas



A believer in servant leadership, Attorney Joshua R. Jones’ passion and dedication to the practice of law stems from a desire to represent and educate people, particularly those from under-represented communities.
Josh understands the importance of service and empathy when handling clients. On both a personal and professional level, he works diligently to seek justice for those who cannot represent themselves. His practice areas include Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Car & Truck Accidents, and Negligent Security.

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