11 Driving Safety Tips from an Experienced South Florida Personal Injury Attorney

South Florida is a great place to live. However, driving in Broward and Miami-Dade counties can be hazardous, as evidenced by the 2020 Florida Crash Dashboard from Florida Highway Patrol. Broward County netted a total of 34,050 crashes, with 268 fatalities and 18,984 injuries. In Miami-Dade, the traffic stats are even worse, with a total of 51,553 crashes, 314 fatalities, and 24,228 injuries.

Given the grim realities, we must all do our best to ensure our safety and our loved ones’ safety every time we get behind the wheel of a car. Below are 11 driving safety tips from Josh Jones, Personal Injury Attorney, Founder and Managing Partner of Josh Jones Law, P.A. in Miami, Florida.

11 Driving Safety Tips from an Experienced South Florida Personal Injury Attorney

Although you cannot always anticipate and protect yourself fully from another driver’s reckless behavior, you can take precautions to minimize your risk as much as possible. Here are some practical safety tips for Florida roads and highways.

1. Wear a Seatbelt and Make Sure All Passengers Wear One Too

Car manufacturers include seatbelts for a valid reason, the same reason lawmakers passed mandatory seatbelt laws. Even if you’re just making a quick trip to your neighborhood Publix, buckle up—and if you have little ones, make sure they are buckled up or safely secured in their car seats.

2. Stay Handsfree with Your Devices

On July 1, 2019, Florida passed a driving and texting law, which made texting and driving a primary offense. While you should not use your cell phone when driving, this same principle applies to other distracting devices, including the radio or GPS. It only takes a few seconds to lose control and get injured in an accident because you focused your attention elsewhere.

3. Use Smooth and Well Maintained Roads

If possible, do not drive on poorly maintained roads, roads with a notorious reputation for speeding, or roads riddled with potholes. These factors can play a significant role in losing control of your vehicle.

4. Use the Proper Car Seats

If their car seats do not fit properly, your children could suffer an injury or even unbuckle their straps on their own. Has it been a while since you updated the car seat? Now is the perfect time to check if your child still fits the size requirements of their existing one. If you need an upgrade, it could make a huge difference should you get into an accident.

5. Maintain Your Vehicle

Bad tires or brakes can slow your reaction time and make it more difficult for your car to grip onto the road. By regularly taking your car to the mechanic for maintenance, you can help your vehicle avoid some of the more severe accidents caused by a lack of proper car care.

6. Avoid Driving in Inclement Weather

Inclement weather increases your chances of getting into an accident. Particularly during Florida’s hurricane season, bad storms can pop up quickly, causing havoc on the highways. If possible, do not drive when heavy rain, gusting winds, or other factors make driving more treacherous.

7. Maintain Distance Between other Drivers

Tailgating isn’t just rude and annoying; it poses significant risks. When you forget to leave proper space between your car and the one in front of you, your chances of rear-ending someone with your car increase, even if you take your attention away from the road for just a split second.

8. Keep An Eye Out for Motorcycles

Multiple accidents involve motorcycles, either due to the bike operator’s negligence or the car driver’s inability to see the biker. With their only protection a helmet and proper clothing, motorcycle riders can experience critical injuries from only one accident.

9. Obey  the Speed Limit

This one is easy to follow and comes with many benefits: obeying the speed limit reduces your chances of tickets, accidents, and injuries. When you’re on the road in South Florida or anywhere in the state, pay attention to posted speed limit signs to decrease your risk of an accident. If you’re driving far above the limit, a crash’s impact can be severe. Unlike other accidents, speeding accidents are easy to prevent.

10. Slow Down in the School and Work Zones

When driving into a school or work zone, obey the speed limit. Remember, a posted or flashing speed limit is not a recommendation but a law; you must slow down to avoid hitting children crossing the street or workers in a work zone.

11. Have You Suffered a Personal Injury in a Florida Auto Accident?

Have you already sustained an injury in a Florida car accident? If so, you’ll need an experienced Florida personal injury attorney immediately. If the statute of limitations expires, you might not be able to receive compensation for your injuries.

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