5 Critical Mistakes Floridians Make After a Car Accident

Have you recently been hurt in a car accident? You need to educate yourself about your rights as soon as possible because you can’t count on anyone else to put them front and center. All too often, victims with legitimate claims against their insurance carrier or another party make critical mistakes in the process that could jeopardize their ability to recover compensation. Make sure you find a personal injury lawyer in Florida who is there to help answer your questions and give you the support needed during this challenging time.

To avoid making costly mistakes after your car accident, you need to know the ones you’re most likely to encounter. Read on to learn more about the five biggest mistakes Floridians make after a car accident.


1-They Do Not Call the Police After the Accident

You might assume that the damage doesn’t look so bad or that it’s not worth trying to get the police on the scene. It might also be the case that the other driver discourages you from reaching out to the authorities.

However, it’s always good to have a police record of what happened so that you can refer to it later. A police record might even become a piece of evidence in your personal injury case with a lawyer. Having an officer on the scene gives you the peace of mind that you have obtained the information you need before leaving the accident site.

2-They Fail to Take Photos of the Scene

Don’t count on your ability to remember what things looked like in the wake of the accident. Even if you were able to remember, your insurance company or a personal injury lawyer might need better evidence. Get photos of the crash site so that you can use it later, if needed, to recover the compensation you deserve.

You can use your phone to grab pictures or videos of the accident scene. In connection with other evidence like reconstructing the scene of the wreck or statements from witnesses, this can build a strong case about the severity of your injuries and how best to move forward from that point with the support of a personal injury lawyer in Florida.

3-They Delay Medical Treatment

Right after the accident, you might not feel any severe pain. The shock of going through the accident and the time it takes your body to register the crash’s impact means that you might not realize the extent of your injuries. Whether you start to experience pain immediately after the accident or not, don’t delay. Get medical attention so that you can receive a diagnosis and treatment plan as soon as possible because adrenalin can override your body’s pain response. A doctor can give you the tests and use other diagnostic tools to determine how your life might change because of the accident. In these cases, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you need to submit a personal injury claim, a medical evaluation performed in the accident’s immediate aftermath will be invaluable.

4-They Don’t Use Their PIP Car Insurance Benefits

All drivers in Florida must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. PIP pays out for medical benefits when you’ve been hurt in an accident regardless of who was at fault. You can get medical costs and up to 60% of your lost wages covered through PIP, so we recommend that you file for these as soon as possible.

To access these critical benefits, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible, within two weeks of the Florida car accident. After the two-week period has passed, your PIP claim will be denied.

If you’re not sure if you’re hurt, get medical attention just in case so that a doctor can decide if you need additional treatment. The PIP company also has the right to investigate the claim that you file if they believe fraud has occurred, which is yet another reason to have an experienced injury lawyer at your side.

5-They Talk to Adjusters Before Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

An adjuster is not someone on your side in an accident. Their primary job is to minimize the insurance carrier’s responsibility to pay out in a crash. As such, the adjuster might want you to make a formal statement or sign paperwork related to the accident. Don’t do this until you’ve had a chance to speak directly with your personal injury attorney.

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