Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Accident Injury Claim | Part 5

Giving a Recorded Statement to the At-Fault Party’s Insurance Company

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will always rush to get a recorded statement from you.

No matter how nice they are or how easy they make it seem, you should never do it as they will always use your words against you in the claims process or if your case ever makes it to trial.

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The adjuster is trained and deals with these claims every day. You should have an advocate who also has experience dealing with these types of cases. If they offer you money to settle your case and you take it, you’ll most likely be taking less than your case is worth. But once you accept it, there is usually not much you can do to get fair compensation later.

If you insist on handling your own claim and won’t take our advice, please contact our office so that we can advise you on how to deal with the insurance company.

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