Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Accident Injury Claim | Part 1

Failure To Get Evidence At The Scene

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In order to prove a difficult case, it is vital that you have evidence from the time of your injuries. This evidence is important because as time goes along, memories may fade or people may change their story.

Should I Call The Police After An Accident?

After an accident, you should always call the police no matter how much the at-fault party begs for you not to. If you agree to handle it directly with that person, you risk not being fully compensated or not being compensated at all if the person should happen to give you false contact information or renege on the promise to pay after you leave the scene.

Oftentimes these concerns are due to fear of rising insurance premiums. The entire purpose of paying insurance premiums each month is so that you are protected at times like this when an unfortunate incident has taken place.

Always contact law enforcement so that they can conduct an initial investigation and complete a crash report. The written crash report includes information about the at-fault party including their name, address, and the insurance company. The crash report also helps the insurance adjusters determine who is at fault in the accident.

With today’s technology, you should also take pictures of the scene (prior to moving the cars if possible), pictures of the damage to both cars, and the license plate of the other involved parties. You should also get the names of any witnesses to the scene as this can be helpful in proving fault should the other driver attempt to blame you for the accident.

Be Prepared In Case of An Accident

Get your Josh Jones Law Florida Personal Injury Toolkit! It is the best way to be prepared in case of a car accident. You simply place the Toolkit in your glove compartment and pull it out if you’re ever in an accident. The toolkit walks you through each step needed to help your attorney handle your injury claim, and ensure that you don’t make any of the mistakes mentioned in this 7 part series.

Come back next week to learn the second biggest mistake drivers make after a car accident!

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